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The tasks you give us are the engine that drives our development!

Thomas Scholze

Managing director

Ulrike Maria Büchner

Managing director

Svenja König

Assistance to the management

Anna Lewinski

Area WEG administration, projects

Jade Franssen

Area WEG administration, Area SEV administration

Simone Techel

Area rental management, Administration family fund

Stefan Guntowski

Area WEG administration, Area SEV administration

Katrin Wedemeier

Area rental management, Administration family fund

Yvonne Medem

Area Accounting

Thomas Wruck

Technical section leader

About us

Our development says a lot about us. We would like to thank you for placing your trust in us and our work.
Establishment of complexes of rented flats using property developer models, which required a huge amount of effort in terms of property administration, especially in the initial phase of support (monitoring the cost of construction, overseeing warranties, initial lettings)
We learn a lot about property management through actual practice. After the sale of some of the company’s own large properties using an investment fund concept, we retain the task of property management on behalf of the investment companies
Investment fund partners have learned to appreciate the close links of our property management team to concentrate only on management: Plura Haus und Immobilien GmbH with expansion of the areas of activity covered, e.g. to include management of commonhold properties.
Expansion of the property management concept to include a full range of property services
With the consolidation of the residential lettings market, enforcement of cost-based rents in line with the market, with socially acceptable foresight in the building of social housing
The housing market expands to include a large proportion of home ownership. Plura rebalances the focal area of their activities in favour of home ownership and expands their property management activities to include a large number of commonhold properties
An experienced, family-run team meets your requirements and expectations