Value retention

Planning and realisation of short and long-term modernisation measures
Drawing up investment plans
Developing profitability assessments
Fast access to skilled tradespersons

Value retention

  • Drawing up and implementing short and longer-term investment and modernisation plans
  • Assessment of the basic structure of a building
  • Implementing any necessary repair measures as well as dealing with minor repairs
  • Monitoring technical systems (e.g. fire alarms/ sprinkler systems, lifts, etc.)
  • Cleaning service
  • Our team

Our team

  • Does a stairwell need to be painted or is there some minor water damage in one of the flats?
  • Is a wash basin defect or does the whole bathroom need renovation?
  • Is there damage to the screed flooring or simply to the laminate, parquet or carpet?
  • Is a window in need of adjustment or do all the windows need to be repaired?
  • Has one of the paving stones in the entrance area moved out of place or does the access path need to be completely renewed?
  • Has someone lost their key to their post box, or does the entire multi-unit post box need to be replaced?

Then we can rely on our fast craftsman access!